New profile posts

I suppose I'm alive? :D
Hopefully Yaya and everyone are fine.
Glad to see the Kid, Norren Maiku and Necro are still kinda up and running :3
Hola BB-san!
Not sure if you will get this but I stopped by to take a looksie and your mention of yours truly made me smile. I hope you and yours are well on your side of the world and that by now there are perhaps two heirs to the House of Nioki? ;) Stay safe and stay well!
Anyway, nice to say hello to an old FTV friend after so long. :)
I'm up to my ears in work, but still lurking about. Hoping to get a project finished enough to be worth showing off in coming months.
Still alive folks, just been hunting down Sirens and whatnot on Azur Lane for a bit too long.
Posted a few more videos on Misc Files & Game Patches. By Requests, If anyone has trouble with me posting Credit less stuff, feel free to say so and I will stop.
America needs Insurance Insurance.
i knew it would bring bad luck to post about Maoh Trump, yet theres hope that AoT S2 will encourage people to stand against him in 2017!
Currently debating on if I have any pics to create a new folder for the public to see now, or at least show off something that I managed to find of course.
Glad to see that some more people that I know tend to hang out here, and the chat is a very nice thing to be in. I hope to see more active memebers here sometime soon now. :3
You are here as well? Yatta! ^^,
Huh it feels like someone I know told you about this place. :3
Uuuu Baka nee-chan :3
Currently bored so I might as well check out some of the functions on this site, just to see what's good and what needs to be added. Aside from that baiding on the idea of adding two major topics into the Games/Visual Novel section, but that will come at a later date... maybe. Other then that thinking of adding another gallery of pics that isn't from the Touhou series. :3