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Still alive, Still kicking, just Busy. I still drop by every few months. I'm Always on Discord since 2019, I always Stream on Twitch and I always give my opinion about Animes on many channels. And I also Unbox Anime Figures. Life continues.
My god, this website is still alive after 12 years? Welp, just passing by I guess.....

Just suddenly remember there was an anime site with a cute extension .tv (television)
Didn't expect it's still alive.....

(actually I came back after seeing youtube video regarding an island called Tuvalu that is at high risk of swallowed by rising sea level and suddenly realise its extension is ..... you guess it ".tv")
I suppose I'm alive? :D
Hopefully Yaya and everyone are fine.
Glad to see the Kid, Norren Maiku and Necro are still kinda up and running :3
Hola BB-san!
Not sure if you will get this but I stopped by to take a looksie and your mention of yours truly made me smile. I hope you and yours are well on your side of the world and that by now there are perhaps two heirs to the House of Nioki? ;) Stay safe and stay well!
Anyway, nice to say hello to an old FTV friend after so long. :)