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I'll just push forward with the new tech that I have. It's been sitting around since November. The goal of the new system is to pretty much track all known animes, vastly increasing the amount of content available through Fansub.TV. I just haven't gotten around to it due to time constraints, but I think if I short myself on sleep for a few days, we might have something significantly new.

Just did some accounting this weekend, and it's prompted some immediate cost cutting measures. Hopefully the new lineup of servers will not affect the performance of the site.

I'm somewhat hesitant about pushing it through, since the new change will replace the entire front page. It's been more-or-less the same ever since the inception of FTV, but judging from the rate of decline, more has to change. If you have time and would like to help, find me on msn (see profile).


QUOTE (Maiku_Ando @ Mar 29 2011, 01:33 PM)

Daft-sama following several days without sleep (click or you wont see the subs).

couldnt help but spam a little


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Daft-sama as much as I'd like to see you improve the site, but I have to say that your health comes first out of all of this. We don't want you to die over this mind you.

In all joking aside, just don't push yourself beyond your limits here. Besides it's alright if you can work on parts of that list of yours one thing at a time right?


It seems that this forum is a bit low on ideas. I would say a nice radio station would be a good idea. Maybe the best thing is to make a connection to one of the already excisting radiostations like armitunes. I've seen it on delicast which just has a link (
Maybe that would work?


I think the FB page is a great idea.

As much as I hate Twitter, it could also be a good idea to make a FTV account if we have Twitter addicts among the mods who could take care of it.


Another way to bring in all sorts of people would be to offer links to streaming sites for licensed anime rather than ignore it completely in the anime list. More and more companies are moving on to the streaming business model, and that could be part of the reason we're losing traffic*. Instead of ignoring the licensed anime, I'd say still post them in the front page updates, but with a linkback to CR/Nico/FUNi instead of a download link.

EDIT: Nevermind, apparently that's already being done.

*On that note, is there actually data on the traffic we're getting? Estimates are nice, but having hard numbers is better.


Sorry I should've specified...

What I was wondering is, how different is the actual site attendance now compared to before we started noticing a significant drop in forum activity (not sure how long ago that was really, and if you don't have the numbers for back then I don't blame you). Just kind of wondering if the perceived drop in forum activity actually equates a drop in the site's popularity.

What you posted for the month is curious in its own way though, I'm having a hard time trying to interpret what a small drop in visits vs high increase in registration actually means. Spambots more active? People registering then getting disappointed? Or simply a carryover from lower registrations the month before?


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QUOTE (daft27 @ Sep 18 2011, 12:23 AM)For the month:
-7.80% visits
+14.54% time on site
-4.50% bounces
+44.83% member registration
These figures imply to me that the actual number of visits is down (thats not vistors i think) but the amount of time each person spends on the site, ie the length of a visit has increased and also the number of registrations on the forum is up. This I assume is sucessful registrations, FTV has a fairly good anti-bot mechanism to prevent bot signups, so that being said this is all very good news.

In simple terms, people are making slightly less visits, but those vists are much longer, and more of them end up registering. This suggests the new content is keeping them interested for longer, so therefore Pulse is working