should we really make 1080p the standard?

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For a while the standard has been 720p but i just noticed that the download for "baby princess 3D paradise love ova" was 1080p after downloading, i had to start the torrent, i dont know if this is because 1080p came out first or if both came out at the same time but just in case i will start ranting a bit, feel free to stop me, i just think this would be the more sensible choice.

Anyway my graphics card can only take 720p with subs, and 1080p starts jumping even without subs, and i have a monitor w 720p, i always thought 1080p is overkill or monstrous, but now ofcourse new tecnology is coming out, the problem is who is really upgrading to 1080p when you could save for new things coming out, i mean the standard was 720p because that is what almost everyone agreed was both decent and sufficient, thus bought at that time, i personally dont think now is the time to switch to 1080p for various reasons, but whether my personal opinions matches the majority i guess that is something i could only know after reading the replies here? anyhow i just wanted to leave my mark and hear some ppl comment about this.

Thanks, all the more if you think im just voicing a concern, i wouldnt say anything if it was just a personal matter but i think this concerns us all. I dont mind if we give priority to 1080p releases but if we do i think i will start using baka updates more than fansubtv =(


I don't think 1080p will become the de-facto standard for fansubs, at least, until its more ubiquitous in the real world and bandwith averages significantly upward. Didn't check it out, but I'm willing to bet that sub was of some kind of BD release or a special airing. Commonly, when a movie is released, sub groups do a 1080p and 720p version, and the 720p version gets significantly more downloads because its less than half the size. Most people won't download 2 gigs to watch an hour and a half.


The double-standard will probably persist for a bit, since most laptop users have 720p monitors, while self-respecting desktop users likely have 1080p or higher. ATM, I'd say 720p is still more common, so no problem there. Besides, a lot of 1080p releases (that aren't BD rips) are usually shameless upscales anyway.


I'm just guessing that the 1080p was selected for Fansub.TV because it was the first one they released. If they released both the 720p and the 1080p at the same time, normally the 720p gets selected because it's more popular.


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Indeed since 720p tends to be a smaller size to d/l it usually ends up first. Although somerimes back in the day it used to be sometimes the 480p would come out first since a sub group did it in that definition then in 720p.

So in the end this site only picks up the first d/l that can be completed and place it onto the server. Meaning if a 1080p came out first long beofre a 720p came out usually it'll end up with which one can be completed onto this site first. Although if you want a different size of an episode there's always the Anime Request Thread to go into.