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time to synchronize the servers... yay!

anyways, this series is so hilarious. it's a parody of mahou shoujo/mecha ... and who knows what else.
the anime is awesome!!! its power rangers wif lolis~~~

dont forget to watch Zettai Seigi Love Pheromone~~~
haha so u like Kashina rather than Yoku in the pic? do u know that Kashina is just 10 years old but her figures is like a adult?! and Yoku is 14 years Kashina is the PERFECT loli....
WTF?!?! shes awesome man what ar u talking about? shes like the best gal of the 5....and her vocie-act is so kawai~~~ "Loli Squad Activate!"(anyone who wanna join will get a lifetime supply of ecchi
info from animenfo

Hokke Kashina
"She is 10 years old, the fourth daughter. Although she goes to an elementary school, she has a good figure. Different from Maika, she hardly looks a elementary school student. She is withdrawn and is always timid. However, because of her looks, she always attracts eyes.
She can use “Tree” magic."
I watched this last night, I have to say I'm not particularly fond of it, but it actually might be a problem on my end due to the fact that I have downloaded so many ecchi series over the pass few weeks that I think i've had my fill for them for a while.
I like the series its a bit funny, and yeah Kashina is really kawai even the voice for her is good
and besides what others think I would have to agree with MKK on her being the perfect loli... other than that I can't wait for more eps could use a few laughs
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