Manga and Anime Connections

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Right well like many people on this site i read Manga

But i dont think there is much discussion in the Manga threads, so would it be at all possible to link the Anime threads with the appripriate Manga threads, or something like that.....

Its just that there are soo many readin ther Mangas but very few people post there since its well less known in comparison to its Anime counterpart.

Granted the Claymore and Bleach threads and the TRCs have constant activity, because many people know about them,

But it would be nice to link them in some way so that they can talk about the Manga in a thread instead of spoiler tag loads of referances to the manga in the anime threads........

Thanks if people read and respond


Link as in what sense? If you mean merge, then it was like that before the manga section came around. The manga section was created to prevent manga spoilers for anime only watchers.


Fansub TV Team
So you mean there should be a link in the Anime threads to their appripriate manga threads, to increase the activity in those manga threads and to decrease the manga talk in the anime threads?
Well thats a interesting idea, I'm not that often in the anime threads, so other can surely judge this better than me but there are probably some people who don't know that theres a appripriate manga thread or just forgetting it from time to time

But then again I think the manga talk in the anime threads is most likely not due to the lack of knowledge about the manga threads, it's probably more like that it's kinda "unattractive" to post in the manga threads due to the lack of activity, but maybe your idea could help a little bit.


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You know I kindd of thought the manga threads were nothing more of a way to find the manga form of the said anime, aside from the discussion of the manga itself of course. Although it would be nice if the manga section was almost the same as the anime secon is with the unlicensed ones of course. I think that's what Hisdubi is trying to get at, but correct me if I'm wrong though.

I mean some of those threads in the manga section are about the unlicensed manga along with licensed of course. Although with that in mind the manga stuff has to be considered like the anime threads when certain mangas are licensed though.

In short I'm guessing that there should be a hosting for some of those unlicensed fan translated mangas here.