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Dear Anime Fans,
When I was offered the chance to take over FTV, I did so with the hope and aim to bring it back to a thriving community, like it was back when I joined. Fansub was always something special to me, it helped me find all the anime that I love and was a great community with wonderful people. I wanted to preserve it, and keep it going.

I have operated Fansub.TV for around 6 years at this point, and MATV for even longer, and as each year passes the forum gets quieter and quieter. I keep saying "lets give it one more year" in the hope that I can revive it. Last year an old member returned to us and made the most amazing effort in trying to bring life back into the community, sadly the real world has kept them busy for a while, and it is now apparent the community has declined even further.

Some people have been very critical of my leadership and operation of Fansub, one going as far as saying I killed it. All I can tell you is that I genuinely tried to keep it going. I spent years working on code, server upgrades and then the thousands of dollars to pay for the servers, domains, bandwidth and software licenses etc. I don't regret any of it, I only wish I could have done more.

Despite my best efforts, I have clearly failed in my mission to revive FTV, therefore perhaps it is time I stepped down, maybe someone else can do what I couldn't.

Therefore I am looking for anyone interested in taking over the community and the operation of Fansub.TV.
I will likely retain MATV which would mean a separation, but such details can be worked out later.

Anyone interested should contact me directly via PM or via the contact form. Consideration will be given to past FTV contributions, members and technical experience.

Thank you to everyone who has contributed, donated, been a member of, or even just a visitor to FTV.
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