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* Title: ケータイ捜査官7
* Title (romaji): Keitai Sosakan 7
* Genre: Sci-fi, detective
* Episodes: 51
* Broadcast network: TV Tokyo
* Broadcast period: 2008-Apr-02 to
* Air time: Wednesday 19:00
* Theme song: by Shimatani Hitomi


The series revolves around a high school boy, his transforming cell-phone robot, and his six detective partners that fight against an internet-based criminal organization. --AnimeNation (

* Kubota Masataka
* Ito Yuko
* Tsuda Kanji
* Okamoto Natsuki
* Matsuda Satoshi
* Mitsuya Yoko
* Watanabe Noriko
* Taguchi Hiromasa
* Katsuno Hiroshi
* Igarashi Reiko (五十嵐令子)
* Katsuno Yosuke (勝野洋輔)
* Mickey Curtis (ミッキー・カーチス)
* Nagasawa Nao (長澤奈央)

Info taken from Wiki D-Addicts
I've seen the first episode. It's kinda neat. Too bad it was raw. I hope someone will pick this one. It looks promising. lol Its long though, 51 episodes. Its kinda funny, reminds me of Transformer.


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Yeah I've just seen the first episode as well, pretty neat. Fansubs are available on Enjoy! I sure hope they start posting links to the series on the main page


You may read the synopsis and this wtf this sounds really silly. I thought so as well until I actually watched the first episode and somehow this whole concept just works. The cellphone robots are portrayed so well that you think they are actual human characters. Plus the overall acting of the cast is solid all around. The lead character Keita, is your typical half assed high school student, who is thrust into the world of Anchor (an organization formed to bring criminals using hi-tech for evil to justice) by a chance encounter. Basically he was running away from home probably because he is your typical teen in angst not wanting to deal w/the doldrums of a new high school life.

Episode one did a nice job setting up a story that you can become immediately invested into. I especially enjoyed the scene where Takimoto dies. Now wait a second, I know that may appear morbid at first glance haha but it gave the show immediate impact. As Keita takes over as the new successor (or well trainee at first) there is a lot of amusing back and forth dialog between him and Seven. Their personalities are completely contrasting as Seven plays everything by the book and often criticizes Keita for being generally unorganized and lazy.

Well after viewing the third episode I'm definitely going to keep watching this drama. Currently I've only found 14 episodes subbed (it just started airing this year) but it's still an on-going series. Also, the music is really good. Usually I haven't paid much attention to the music in drama's, except for the Hana Kimi ED, which was pretty catchy and find myself humming from time to time haha. Okay well umm on that note, give this one a watch it's a recommendation I have confidence in.

Oh yeah one last bonus is that the episodes are only 22 minutes or so a piece, except for the premiere episode which is around 40 minutes, so if your a worrywart about time constraints it shouldn't be a problem in this case.
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