Flag non-English subs

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Not all fansub torrents are correctly flagged as non-english or english.

Some fansubs that are not in English do not hide when non-english is unchecked. This causes confusion as there is no way to tell which fansubs are in english and which are not.

Suggested Solution:
There are two ways that this could be fixed:
1) Allow fansubs to be reported by the community as non-english via the page itself. So when the problem is discovered, it can be properly sorted with minimal effort from the admins.
2)Screen fansubs more closely to find which are in fact in english and which are not. It is unlikely that a single fansub group translates to more than one language, so it would not be difficult to find out that a certain group is a non-english fansub, and create a filter so that in the future that fansub group would be automatically tagged as non-english.

Some examples of incorrectly tagged fansub groups:
BB, which I discovered through the series "Susei no Gargantia". It is tagged as an english sub, but it is, in fact, spanish.
Chinurarete Subs, which I discovered through the series "Shingeki no Kyojin". It is tagged as an english sub, but it is, in fact, german.


Or 3- make a sticky thread with a title similar to this one where users can request fansubs to be flagged when it is needed.

For the sake of not starting another thread ill request that one is flagged right now and right here

Anime 21 subs


Its definitely not english lol.




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As handy as that thought would be... If there were a special flag for troll subs, we'd spend half of Shingeki no Kyojin S2 arguing about if Commie's subs deserve the flag or not. It might be safer not to.


argh screw this, this is endless. Last time i call for a flag


Oyou, seems korean.

Btw remember that Element Hunters troll sub?, the one that refered to the android as a fembot xD, man that was one epic trollsub, i cant remember what group it was from. was it DB or Fabulous?


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Anyway, I saw episode three of "Tesagure! Bukatsumono" subbed by [&]. And it was very unpleasant! The text spoke of AIDS, porn and other irrelevant things which clearly isn't part of the show!