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Beauty Boys Celebrity, or BBC for short, is a show about a secret salon that invites young woman to become 'beautiful' -- by the hands of a group of gifted 'ikemen'. The one problem is that these men really don't understand the meaning of true beauty, or well, do not understand the mind of a woman. Despite the salon's epic reputation, these stylist always run into a problem with their customers which has these men questioning: " What exactly is true beauty? "


ps. kinda reminds me of magicians of love (taiwanese).


i totally agree with you on this count lab - sounds an awful lot like magicans of love =/ well i'll check it out (in like a months time when my band width isn't going to die on me) and do some comprisons...


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Ohh I`ve honestly just seen the first two episodes so far, but it's actually pretty good. Although for some reason it reminds me of Ouran? The casting isn't so bad either, some of them are just new but they're pretty good :]


ahh i've watch a bit of this series and to be honest i didnt like how exaggerated they've made it...
all the special effects and X_X... its just a little bit over the top with the production, however story line wise its pretty alright just the over done effects that i didnt like X_X it came to a point where i just couldnt go on as it has so much cringe worthy moments.
However is does differ from Magicians of love as this story is more focused on the fact that beauty is not skin deep - Magicians of love is quite a straight forward romance/comedy with all the usual messages and ideas in any romance drama.

I think it would have been better done as an animation rather than a live action - just becuase these effects are better done and recieved in an animation than a live action.


I haven't watched this yet (although I plan to), but I'm gonna make an educated guess and say this seems like it was done by the same people who did the Princess Princess D live-action drama? I mean, it's the same short (for a drama) 22-minute episodes, no big name actors, kinda, er, "low-budget," etc. (don't get me wrong, I liked the Princess Princess D drama for it's sorta "eh?" weirdness). Anybody know for sure?


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When I first started watching this, I thought it was good.

The reason why I started is because it had Nakagauchi Masataka and the actor of Go in it. They are both tenimyu (Prince of Tennis musical) guys and so.... xD

Masa-san is getting bigger... he did the ending of Yugioh GX...

The story line is cute... if it was an english drama and had no Tenimyu guys, I wouldn't look at it. Its pretty good.
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