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Well, the situation isn't THAT bad yet but it would be nice to keep the balance near zero or positive incase something like this happens again. Oh well, a little short sightedness = big expenses. I suppose that's what almost a 100% increase in traffic can do.
I think being able to donate will help alot. We got many long time members here who probably are willing to donate some.

Many other free anime download websites survive solely on donations so it surely would help out here too
QUOTE (Dragon-of-Rune @ Apr 6 2006, 05:07 AM) Maybe it would be better to drop Silk and only use kanna and aoba instead, to cut some expenses.
Dropping silk won't really help. The extra cost was in term of bandwidth, not server hosting. So having one less server will only make it hard to answer the curent demand.
Well, unfortunately Kanna and Aoba were the ones that caused the bandwidth overages. Since then, their speed has dropped greatly and ares now comparable to Silk in terms of performance/buck. I would actually prefer to keep Silk since the company that hosts the server is quite a bit more straightforward with their policies and dealings than the one that hosts Aoba and Kanna.

A software solution is being worked on to better handle the fansub distribution. It's not a direct download solution, but if it works, then it should be fairly nice.
It's nice to see a + mark with the goal. Hopefully you can cover that extra bandwidth charge (which hopefully won't show up every month). Did streaming the video on the main page suck up any bandwidth? Or was it merely those two servers?
I am mainly here cause barly any sites do the ddl any more. I like too be able to get the anime directly. The extra trafic I bet is mainly due to a lot of anime sites going under. A lot closed down cause there people were too cheap to donate and complained when they had to take some things down. Most sites left are going to RVM or whatever it is. I hate these file typs. They are no good. I dont mind paying a membership for ddl AVI files. Or maybe add some more adds?? I make sure I click them all when I visit the site.
Probably not going to get any more ads:

QUOTE (Daft)The bad news doesn't end. Google Adsense has stopped serving ads for us. There goes like $250/mo in advertisement revenue.
WOW! that sucks! What about another add company??? Any chance? I know more than just google dose it. maybe not as trustworthy though, I dunno.
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