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  1. monsta666

    Episode Summary Magia Record season 2 Episode 7

    Episode 7 The girls confront Mami and Tsuruno in what appears to be an imminent face off. Meanwhile even Nemu is expressing doubts over the whole operation. Touka remains steadfast she wants to help the magical girls. Yachiyo senses the girls are brainwashed while Kyouko takes this...
  2. monsta666

    Episode Summary Jahy-sama Will Not Be Defeated! Episodes 5-6

    Episode 5 After a hard days work a triumphant Jahy walks home. She is beginning to get the swing of her work routine but vows this is but a step towards world domination! She is interrupted by a police officer but Jahy is above any questions so legs it! Hey ho, was that a mana crystal I...
  3. monsta666

    Episode Summary Remake our Life! Episodes 9-10

    Episode 9 Kyoya adjusts to the fact that he is back in the year 2018 and is the father to a young child named Maki and husband to Aki. He tries to make sense of what has happened as not only has the timeline changed from the original 2016 but his whole living situation is nothing like it was...
  4. monsta666

    Episode Summary Higurashi Sotsu Episodes 11-12

    Episode 11 We get a painful reminder of what happened last week with some VERY bloody scenes After the carnage Satoko washes herself off A cheerful Rika comes over to greet Satoko who is most pleased to see her. Rika offers to help clean the house but Satoko rebuffs this by saying she...
  5. monsta666

    Episode Summary Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid S Episodes 9-10

    Episode 9 After finally putting her snacks down Elma suddenly realises the terrible work conditions in Kobayashi's office! Kobayashi is resigned to the status quo and more accepting of her fate but this does not stop Elma from raging against the MACHINE!!! She channels this energy into...
  6. monsta666

    Episode Summary Magia Record season 2 Episodes 5-6

    Episode 5 Sana has misgivings about staying in the Magius. Felicia on the other hand wishes to stay a little longer to find a means of avoiding become a witch. As they are about the discuss the issue further, they are interrupted by an announcement stating the start of operation Awaken...
  7. monsta666

    Episode Summary Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid S Episodes 7-8

    Episode 7 In an unusual turn of events Fafnir asks Quetzalcoatl if she will help him in some mysterious project… Curious to learn more, she ventures into Fafnir’s cave to discover he wants to create a manga. Is it for treasure, is it for power or is he just indulging an ecchi fetish...
  8. monsta666

    Episode Summary Higurashi Sotsu Episodes 9-10

    Episode 9 We get a brief respite from the climax of the previous episode as Satoko reflects on what she has become after all these loops. Eua does ponder if Satoko is even human at this point. Interesting question she is throwing out… After that moment of reflection, we are sucked back into...