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  1. Ryu

    Anime Fall 2022 necromendation: Chainsaw Man, anime of the year or at least this season?

    Synopsis: Denji has a simple dream—to live a happy and peaceful life, spending time with a girl he likes. This is a far cry from reality, however, as Denji is forced by the yakuza into killing devils in order to pay off his crushing debts. Using his pet devil Pochita as a weapon, he is ready to...
  2. monsta666

    Review The Great Jahy Will Not Be Defeated!

    Episodes: 20 Original airing dates: 1st August 2021 – 19th December 2021 Studio: SILVER LINK Genre: Comedy, supernatural Recommended audience: Those will like childish comedy antics and cute girls Trailer: Background/synopsis: The Great Jahy Will Not Be Defeated! which also goes by the name...
  3. Ryu

    Anime Series' end necromendation: Attack on Titan, The Final Season Part 1 & 2 ('20-22)

    Shingeki no Kyojin: The Final Season part'2 (2022) and p1 (2020-21), at last really in manga, yet seeing this anime is overall considered better I hope so as it ends :(
  4. Ryu

    Anime Happy new year necromendation #2: Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei, Tsuioku'hen

    The Irregular at Magic High School: Reminiscence Arc, TV Prequel Movie Special! at last for LNs 10th anniversary, when yandere Miyuki used to Be a tsundere loli ;)
  5. Ryu

    Anime Happy new year necromendations #1: Lord El'Melloi II no Jikenbo, Tokubetsu'hen

    The Case Files of Lord El-Melloi II: Rail Zeppelin Grace Note, Special Arc Tv Movie and now a 'back to age' 1-hour Sp ep, which was more Xmasy than Newyearish :p
  6. monsta666

    Review Demon Slayer Entertainment District arc - early review part 2

    Episodes 2-3 Thoughts: With the second episode the new season really starts in earnest as we see Tanjirou, Zenitsu and Inosuke hit it off in the “entertainment district” aka the red light distract. The episode starts heavy in comedy so I imagine opinions will be mixed here. I know lots of...
  7. monsta666

    Episode Summary Jahy-sama Will Not Be Defeated! Episode 20 SEASON FINALE!!!

    Episode 20 The demon lord and Su try and make amends over the carnage that ensued yesterday by helping in the repair of the pub! Jahy is reluctant to return to the god forsaken pub but the landlady insists. When she reaches the pub Jahy gets a surprise! Instead of celebrating Jahy looks...
  8. monsta666

    Episode Summary Jahy-sama Will Not Be Defeated! Episode 19

    Episode 19 The great Jahy-sama lets out an all-mighty battle cry that stirs Druj into action! Jahy’s bold words makes Druj reflect on how various demons in the dark realm who have powers that are revered. Unlike her own which is to manipulate the hearts of others. To make it worse, the...
  9. monsta666

    Review Demon Slayer Entertainment District arc - early review

    Demon Slayer: Entertainment District Arc Synopsis: In this part of the demon slayer the trio of Tanjirou, Zenitsu and Inosuke join the sound Hashira (elite slayer) Tengen Uzui on a mission to hunt down a powerful demon downtown. Trailer: Thoughts: Seeing as this is the third season it is...
  10. monsta666

    Review Demon Slayer Infinity Train arc

    Episodes: 7 Original airing dates: 10th October 2021 – 28th November 2021 Studio: ufotable Genre: Supernatural/action Prequel: Demon Slayer Alternative version: Demon Slayer Infinity Train movie Sequel: Demon Slayer: Entertainment District Arc Recommended audience: Action lovers and those who...
  11. monsta666

    Episode Summary Jahy-sama Will Not Be Defeated! Episode 18

    Episode 18 We witness the purification of Saurva! With her senses honed and powers increased Saurva begins to have delusions that she can finally defeat Jahy! It is not long before Saurva challenges Jahy to a duel but instead of cowering in fear, Jahy just seems perplexed at this...
  12. monsta666

    Episode Summary Jahy-sama Will Not Be Defeated! Episode 17

    Episode 17 Lamenting the fact she must change every season to keep hip Druj suddenly has the idea that dressing Jahy in different outfits will make her look even more spectacular! Naturally everyone wants to carry the splendour that is Jahy-sama and Druj’s epiphany takes off with all the...
  13. Ryu

    Anime Netflix necromendations: Jojo no Kimyō na Bōken - Stone Ocean, 12 eps At once!

    JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Part 6: Stone Ocean, finally 12'eps at once in this series! no wonder why now all 6 seasons are available in netflix, instead of crunchyroll :p
  14. monsta666

    Episode Summary Jahy-sama Will Not Be Defeated! Episode 16

    Episode 16 Jahy delivers the fantastic news to Druj that the lord and saviour of the dark realm has finally appeared! She's on cloud nine! That is until she learns of Jahy’s stalker-chan! Druj cannot believe that a mere human can sit in the presence of the Great Jahy-sama and when she...
  15. Ryu

    Anime Thanksgiving necromendation: Boku no Hero Academia 4th, 5th Series (2019-21)

    My Hero Academia 5th series (2021) and 4th (‘19-20), S6 confirmed too next year agreed i’m just done binging s4 and 5, one of a few 100+’ep animes I still watch :)
  16. monsta666

    Episode Summary Jahy-sama Will Not Be Defeated! Episode 14-15

    Episode 14 The time has come! It is the great showdown we have all been waiting for! Jahy vs the great evil! Jahy wastes no time in getting serious as she swiftly transforms into her adult form! The transformation is quickly followed by a barrage of crystal attacks as Jahy goes all out...
  17. monsta666

    Episode Summary Jahy-sama Will Not Be Defeated! Episode 13

    Episode 13 After her triumphant capture of the mana crystal Jahy-sama decides to celebrate at the beach! But her slave master boss demands she works... Doesn’t she know you can die from overwork?! AH! Just the sight of her make me angry! :mad: Jahy will not stand for such injustice! And...
  18. Ryu

    Anime Battle shōnen necromendations: Dragon Ball Heroes, finale And new movie soon!

    Super Dragonball Heroes, Big bang mission (2020-21) & universe mission (18-19) non-canon SDBH Is beyond that now celebrating 11th anniversary, manga 37th :D
  19. monsta666

    Review 2021 Summer Season Anime review

    Searching for a good anime series can be a difficult thing to do especially when you are busy or otherwise strapped for time. That is why I have complied this list to show what is hot and what is not so you don't have to faff around watching rubbish and only strike for the series that are worth...
  20. monsta666

    Episode Summary Jahy-sama Will Not Be Defeated! Episode 12

    Episode 12 Is that what I think it is? It is a mana crystal?! Finally! Jahy is back in business! XD But just as she is about to claim her prize doubts begin to surface… Could this be a trap? She takes the natural step of scoping the area but it would seem the culprit is too frightened...