1. monsta666

    Kuro no Kiseki character profiles. Fie returns!

    With the announcement that Fie Clausell would return in the latest Kiseki game for the Legend of Heroes franchise I thought it was an opportune time to make a bio list of the main characters for this upcoming game. All my information comes from the official Kuro no Kiseki website. Be warned it...
  2. Hiasubi

    Trails of series

    Trails is what got me into Falcom. Played 1+2 of ToCS on my Vita. Now I'm mostly a PC game so I've decided to play through all of Sky, then go through Steel from start to finish.
  3. monsta666

    Ys series

    For those not in the know the Ys series (pronouced east) is one of the main franchises made by the Japanese game company Falcon (the other major franchises Legend of Heros and Trails series) the latter of which I may delve further into. Excluding the remakes there have been 9 Ys games. In game...