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  1. Clowd

    Cave Story

    Cave Story "Cave Story, or Doukutsu Monogatari, is a Japanese freeware PC side-scrolling platformer game developed by StudioPixel. It has been translated into English by Aeon Genesis Translations and will have an official translation script published sometime in the near future. Cave Story is...
  2. Clowd

    Forum Updates

    As most of you have probably noticed. Daft has added some new features to the forum to make it more user freindly. This is a feedback thread and also a place to report various glitches that may apear. (although they likely won't cause daft is quite awesome at this stuff) So that daft may obtain...
  3. Clowd

    A new Wallpaper

    Mari 56k warning This is a wall paper i made with my girlfriend in it . Any ideas on what i can do to improve it?
  4. Clowd

    English Assignment

    Hey guys, as part of my creative dossier assingment for my English20 class. Ive decided to design a photoshop picture from scratch. The catch was that it was to deal with the element of racism. Of course me not being in art since grade 9 had no clue how to capture a feeling in a picture. So this...
  5. Clowd

    Laptop died

    Well, i woke up to find my laptop compleatly dead... When i try to boot i get BSOD, when i try safe mode, i get BSOD. Im goin to try to get it to boot up SLAX linux to recover my important files.. but i dont know what i can do to fix this. EDIT: ok so i can get accecss to all my files VIA SLAX...
  6. Clowd

    April Fool

    Well, i got a friend pretty harshly... QUOTE [18:13] clowd10025: man it was good while it lasted [18:13] clowd10025: [18:13] clowd10025: dunno [18:13] clowd10025: life isnt as fun anymore.. [18:14] smdepot: WHY THE **** WOULD YOU PUSH THAT ON...
  7. Clowd

    Game Equip Pics!

    Hey, i know you all probably have some kinda setup...a place for you to game, well i wanna see what others looks like. Heres mine
  8. Clowd

    Suggestion: Konfabulator Widget

    Hey, i know this is entirely possible "i have other RSS reader widgets", but i dont know if anyone would be willing to make it. What i would like to see is a Konfabulator Widget for . In the widget it would hook up to the RSS, and show the latest 5 episodes. (ive tried to code this...
  9. Clowd

    Favorite Snack Food ^^

    Mine is By far with no contest at all, peppered beef jerky from the butchers. at the local one for 10$ i can get a bag that will last me for like 5 hours XD the only con with beef jerky is if theres not butchers near buy it can cost up to 10$CND for a tiny bag Well What its your favorite...
  10. Clowd

    Clowds Wallpaper Gallery.

    Clowds Corner EDIT:this is now my wallpaper gallery feel free to comment and download the walls as you wish, constructive criticism doesnt hurt either. Well ill start off with my first desktop wallpaper ever here it is Kakashi Ok heres anouther one i just made Guess what anime i like XD...
  11. Clowd

    Official Fansub.TV Dock icon!

    Well Ive made a Rocket/object dock compatible icon for Heres it icon in use, Thumbnailed For loading times, Just right click and save the icon. If you have any questions/comments please post them. Stamp of Approval
  12. Clowd

    Windows XP crash and can't activate

    well today i was on my pc when out of the blue comes the i reboot and notice it doesnt work >.> so i re install winXP and get to where u have to activate it. now i am stuck(activation didnt work) . any help sorry bout post grammer using psp to post
  13. Clowd

    Martial Arts

    Is anyone here a martial artist? If so what style, belt etc.. well ill start My styles are Sikaran (filipino art of foot fighting) Boksing (filipino boxing) Dumog (filipino Grapaling) Mano_Mano (sikaran Boksing and Dumog) In each style im A advanced Brown belt My favorite technique is Tornado...