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  1. daft27

    Fansub.TV J-Zine Issue 3

    3rd Issue - April 2009 The J-zine team is proud to announce the release of our third issue! This issue is our longest yet and contains many firsts for J-Zine! Check out the joint review of One-Piece as well as the visual novel reviews and light novel reviews. Download Fansub.TV J-Zine Issue 3...
  2. daft27

    Karaoke MONSTER - (Closed March 2021)

    Seeking testers for Karaoke Monsutaa, a Fansub.TV project. Since this is a karaoke related item, you will be expected to sing! [sharedmedia=gallery:images:1859]
  3. daft27

    Industry Related News

    HR2391, Intellectual Property Protection Act Prior to this, distribution of unlicensed fansub animes could be thought as fairly safe since Japanese copyright holders have traditionally turned a blind eye to the fansubbing scene. However, with the possible passing of HR2391, this could...