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    what are you doing?

    I was planning to do some house cleaning but I ended up playing Kingdom Two Crowns. I’m addicted to this game. After a little gaming, I took a nap then woke up washed my cats’ litter box. I’m looking at Summer in Mara game on Switch. For some reason, it reminds me of My Time At Portia.
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    Net Ghost PiPoPa

    Casts: Rina Satou as YÅ«ta Masashi Yabe as Pat Ryoko Shiraishi as Pit Satomi Arai as Pot Summary: The series stars YÅ«ta Akigawa, an elementary school boy who lives in a city run entirely by computers. One day, he opens a phone email message that sucks him inside his mobile phone and into "net...
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    Keitai Sosakan 7

    Details * Title: ケータイ捜査官7 * Title (romaji): Keitai Sosakan 7 * Genre: Sci-fi, detective * Episodes: 51 * Broadcast network: TV Tokyo * Broadcast period: 2008-Apr-02 to * Air time: Wednesday 19:00 * Theme song: by Shimatani Hitomi Synopsis The...
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    General Manga Discussion

    The place where we can discuss manga in general. Much like the General Anime Discussion. Also, do not forget to read the Manga Section Rules and have fun! --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Anyone reads Kayono's work? I find her work really nice and...
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    Hello. We decided to make a thread just for general music discussions, recommendations, and as well as identifications. This section is for discussion of any music that we currently listening, or ask for music that we heard but coudn't not identify it. Or even J-Pop, J-bands or ANYTHING that has...
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    Drama & Movies Music Thread

    Request or share dorama or live action music here. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- hana yori dango 2 op - love so sweet [arashi] LINK HERE
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    Biyou Shounen Celebrity

    summary: Beauty Boys Celebrity, or BBC for short, is a show about a secret salon that invites young woman to become 'beautiful' -- by the hands of a group of gifted 'ikemen'. The one problem is that these men really don't understand the meaning of true beauty, or well, do not understand the...
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    yukan club

    synopsis: The story is a comedy revolving around six wealthy and popular high school students who solve mysteries and in their free time, amuse themselves lavishly. Akanishi plays Shochikubai Miroku, the son of the police commissioner. --Tokyograph 11 episodes. ps im currently downloading...
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    Ultimate Survivor Kaiji (2007), Hakairoku-hen (2011) & Chuukan Kanriroku Tonegawa (2018)

    Title: Tobaku Mokushiroku Kaiji (賭博黙示録カイジ) Studio: Madhouse Genre: Drama Airs: NTV, Tuesdays at 1am, starting October 2nd. Website: Summary: Not unlike his predecessor Akagi, Kaiji is an obsessive gambler. Throughout the series we'll be seeing more than...
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    i dl this n seen it. its a good anime. something to add on ur watchlist. heres some info i got. “Is there any girl you love?” By this word his friend asked during the school excursion, the protagonist, Kaizu Takumi, begins to aware of his interest in opposite sex. Of course, there are...
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    sorry i made this topic. but i really need help my usb ports dont seem to work. i mean all the device that i have in my usbs are plugged. esp. my xternal hd and printer. my printer and xternal hd are on and plugged and i tried to troubleshoot it but it said theres no prob. but i cant use them...
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    10 MOST hottest guys in anime

    ok.. i dont know if this topic exist. i looked but cant find any. plus im bored too. pls edit this if this topic does exist. sumimasen. ok ladies. i noticed guys always talk about there fav. anime girls. so heres ours. lol heres my top 10. very hard to choose. sigh* 1. kenshin from rurouni...